You kindly put it out there, I thank you, I read it, and  am trying to make sense of it as, while I can reconcile 100railcars at 600bbls dilbit (we know they are 600bbl railcars as STP told us) in the first (say) 38days, jan6 to feb13, to be 1,260bbls bitumen per day on average (assuming 20% diluent), I cannot reconcile what he said on the 400 railcars in the next 229 days (their sep qtr end). Hey, I reckoned they must have got this background data from STP.

I also reckon that apart from the reference to eventually getting 20 railcars arriving each day some time in the future (which we must pray for), he got this 400 car thing wrong as even an overall average during that 229 day period of 1200bbls day bitumen (say 1500bbls/day dilbit) would take the equivalent(not total)  of 573 railcars travelling back and forth from Lynton (2 1/2 railcars a day). SO, did STP really give guidance to genesis (I know it should be a capital "G" but who cares)? Or did genesis make it up? Anyway, it is another question mark on where STP is and where they will be in 229 days and there is absolutely no point asking Fred, so I am just putting it out there for everyone, not for YOU to debate...after all,my math might be wrong.

By the way, to do the 20 railcars a day they would need in excess of 640 railcars contracted to keep it going.