There seems to be some very good news on the horizon :

- gain of $30.00 to $40.00 in netbacks

- Selling now (3 - 1 month deals put together with major refineries).

- out in front when it pertains to the potential bottleneck in rail car production and capacity


Now it would be great just to get through the bad news of the Dec 31st quarter so we can move forward.

Just release the numbers already , we know they are not great based on the last couple presentations ( we have been warned on pg 15 that netbacks in Dec will be pushing the $10.00 - $12.00 range down from the $40.00 range in Oct - Nov ).

Lets put the past behind us and move forward with all the Good News.

Even the Daily pics have improved ( no more service rigs and if you look really close at pic 1 ( Central plant facility you will see 2 Double b tankers lined up) . The picture below has been cropped for you viewing pleasure and then look at the steam , didn't somebody on this board say once to keep an eye on the Steam from the plant facility...



The oil is there , the wells are producing and only for the next 25 Years or so...