Folks - I wouldn't get to stressed over what you're seeing at the 102 Wellpad. I suspect it is just a routine operation (as the IR person states). We really have no reason to suspect otherwise - AND - STP have been straight shooters to this point, so I don't expect they are trying to hide anything.


Overall - we are on the cusp of some very positive news. McKay production is ramping up as per the plan. Sales to the Gulf have commenced. The new Senlac wells (although delayed) should be finished up this Quarter and put onto production by early next quarter. We may be at or near the breakeven point for McKay soon. I suspect that the Q numbers to be released in the next week or two will b normal ramp up. Remember - those numbers cover the month of Sept-Dec 2012, so they will be (for the most part) prior to the ramp up in production and sales to the Gulf. I am hopeful that the associated commentary will update us on current ramp-up progress at McKay as well as the shipments to Natchez (And to me that's what really matters in the release that is to come soon).


Now - the current SP - that is certainly disappointing - but - I am of the opinion that it is a temporary market driven thing - not - specific to STP. We have a whole lot of anguish in these markets - worries about the Bitumen Bubble.. that wonderful Premier Alison likes to use an excuse for her overspending - and unfortunately STP is getting caught in that whole thing - despite the fact that we have the rail deal and the Gulf sales in place. The market will figure out the difference that STP brings to the table once we can show a Quarter or two of Gulf sales. 


We also have the fiscal cliff BS in the states and the depressing outlook for the economoy south of the border to contend with. I suspect that certain big players are probably moving in to cash to prepare for the unknowns there. BUT - to me this is offset by the tenuous situation in MENA. Syria is a mess. Egypt is a mess. The spillover effect may draw in Israel and then Iran - AND - that's why Oil is heading up.


As to the insider Deb sales - there are possibly a multitude of reasons for this. Perhaps he needs the cash. I agree the optics are less than good - but given all the other STP positives, I'm inclined to chalk it up to something other than nefarious.


Bottom line - wait - don't panic. It's always darkest before the dawn. All my opinion of course. GLTA.