Babbler - you do realize this "smoking gun" proof of conspiracy report concerned a LANDFILL in ONTARIO - nothing to do whatsoever with the current Quebec uranium moratorium issue?


And it dates back to 1998 (which you conviniently forgot to mention).


And the Cameco rep was actually an expert in Environment and Safety and was called as such to be an "expert witness' on a landfill issue and ... I can't do this - you're so grasping at straws that its idiotic even to be responding to you on this - why don't you just come out and state what you are implying. The wife of a doctor involved in a uranium moratorium was one of 60+ witnesses involved 14 years ago in an environmental assessment on a landfill in Ontario for which one of the expert witnesses was an environmental expert in the employ of a uranium mining company that you claim is secretly attempting an undercover takeover of a junior with an uneconomic resource in a province about to declare a moratorium on uranium mining?!?!


THAT is your "conflict of interest" ?!?!? How so - please elaborate. We'd just loooove to hear this one.


And you just want to be taken seriously !?!?!?! (never mind that you totally screwed up the characters in your bizarre conspiracy) This is even worse than your bogus list of "Uranium Explorers in Quebec"


Its almost like you are making fun of RSC investors. Have a heart man.