OK, I know I said I wasn't gonna mention it about your bizarre conspiracy thingie but it just got too weird.  Let me summarize for you:


2012 - uranium moratorium looms over Quebec

2012 - Harper cuts a uranium export deal with India

2011  -Cameco loses a bidding war for Hathor in Sask.

1998 - The wife of a doctor listed as Chairman of a global environmental group, is listed as one of dozens of "other witness" in a routine environmental assessment of a LANDFILL in Kirkland Lake Ontario where one Sean McFarlane, Senior Hydrologist for engineering firm Golder Associates (nothing to do with Cameco!!!) sits in as an expert witness for the landfill company, on a decision that went FOR the company in question!


And from THIS you deduce a conspiracy?!?!

Thats verging on being absolutely nuts babbler.


And for the record, the best part of your whole diatribe was this quote, "Here's where I'm going with this." followed closely by "You can put the story together yourself."

Cause after all that mess you never went ANYWHERE.