You have to be very careful when reading press releases issued by companies whose stock all of a sudden has become the darling of penny stock promoters and much speculation on message boards.  Check out the language for example on this release:


The Letter of Intent outlines the terms and conditions of a proposed transaction that could see Clotamin distributed by several pharmacy and retail chains in the Russian Federation, including product placement with leading wholesalers Imperia-Pharma, the Dr. Stoletov pharmacy chain (414 locations), and other small retail pharmacies associated with Imperia-Pharma.

Key words are could, proposed.  When words like that are used during a strong run up on a highly speculative stock like this you have to be very careful.  By absolving themselves in the use of such language, they cannot be held to their word as the agreement is still not ratified.


This next release:

The UK and European Union market represent an enormous opportunity to expand Clotamin distribution into new territories and reach millions of new potential Clotamin users.  The agreement with DS Healthcare is the first step towards achieving that goal,


Again, highly speculative.  Nothing signed except for discovery so again, it costs the company nothing.  Could, maybe, proposed, potential are all speculative and fall under Safe Harbour, which means, you cannot hold them to its meaning.  It is essentially buyer beware. 

So have patients on blood thinnners have not been taking vitamin supplements all these years?  Are there any competing vitamines out there which would allow for the taking of them wihout risk?  I have read a number of columns on the background of those running the company which would certainly, if they are accurate, give me pause.