Ready for a run
1/15/2013 7:32:56 AM  |  | 4 reads  | Post #32022578

We all know many stocks are oversold on the Venture. Earlier in January, one of the most well-known and oversold stocks of 2012, INT moved from 11 cents to 21.5 cents in just a couple of days. Just like INT, SLI has dropped from over $2 in 2011 to 10 cents in early 2013. But strong support has arisen as the stock has bounced off of 10 cents and a great chasm has opened up on their level two, refer below. There's nearly 1.6M shares bid between 9 and 14 and only 167K shares available at and under 20 cents. It could get up to 25 based on L2. INT and SLI have a lot of similarities. Problems in 2012, a big drop in stock price and a bullboard full of arguments. Based on how the L2 has opened up on the ask side SLI will have one more thing in common very soon. A run to the 20's just like INT. The MM's are preparing for it just like they did on INT.