Grass Roots Research Reviews Strong Prospects of SEFE, Inc. (SEFE)

When Grass Roots Research issued their positive 2012 report on SEFE, a development stage company engaged in capturing renewable energy from atmospheric static electricity, they pointed to a number of reasons they were bullish on the company.

• SEFE has been issued several patents by the USPTO along with many more pending/provisional patent applications related to the extraction of atmospheric electricity, patented technology that potentially provides a low cost and highly available source of electric power
• SEFE possesses the technical competencies to develop a cost effective aerostatic collector to harness atmospheric static electricity, giving the company the ability to apply innovative and sustainable energy technologies that leverage electricity extraction at a low cost in comparison to conventional energy sources
• SEFE’s innovative alternative energy technologies offer lower costs and higher energy availability than other alternative energy solutions
• The company’s top management team has substantial experience in research and development of atmospheric electricity
• Escalating energy prices compounded by geopolitical tensions and declining oil supplies continue to exert upward pressure on energy prices
• Continuing growth in developing countries such as India and China, where growing middle class markets drive the demand for motor vehicles and energy consuming products thereby, continues to drive the demand for fossil fuels
• SEFE’s current patents and development of its network operations center and atmospheric electric convertors should provide the company with strong market position
They also indicated the key overall advantages to the extraction and harnessing of atmospheric static electricity:
• Low cost technology to harness the energy
 • High availability as an energy source, meaning electric extraction can take place night and day
 • Highly scalable process that can be replicated across the globe
 • Relatively fast deployment

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