The Case for SEFE, Inc. (SEFE)

SEFE is a development stage company focused on a pioneering and transformative technology for pulling electrical energy directly from the atmosphere and converting it to a usable source of renewable energy. As the world’s primary commercial researcher in this unique technology, the company has been able to establish a growing portfolio of patents, creating a formidable entry barrier for potential competitors, and allowing SEFE a long term and substantial competitive advantage.

The global demand for energy is expected to continue to grow as more nations embrace free markets and industrialization, and as governments around the world increase the drive for more low carbon renewable energy sources. In addition, the rising competition for energy should continue to provide an upward pressure on energy prices, improving the cost appeal of renewable energy.

• SEFE already holds a number of patents on various aspects of their atmospheric electricity technologies, with many more under application.

• The ongoing global demand for more energy, and more clean renewable energy, will continue to favor SEFE.

• The SEFE solution has many physical advantages over other renewable energy sources, including a minimal geographical footprint, flexibility of location, and operation that is independent of day/night or weather conditions.

SEFE’s stated strategy is to:

• Continue to expand their technology base and increase associated efficiencies
• Use their patents to hold off potential competitors
• Scale production opportunities
• Improve revenues and margins

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