SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) and Creative Energy Storage

One of the big advantages that SEFE’s groundbreaking atmospheric energy generation system brings to the table is that, unlike industry-leading wind and solar alternatives, the SEFE system is able to generate pure clean electricity any time of the day or night, in any kind of weather. The remarkable SEFE system is able to extract useable electricity directly from the earth’s own atmosphere. Wind and solar options, in addition to having a large land footprint plus requiring expensive up-front equipment and grid-integration investments, are usually tied to some sort of large-scale energy storage systems in order to bridge the gap between supply and demand. That’s because wind and solar power generation can easily be out of synch with demand, requiring an energy storage buffer to smooth out the flow.

The SEFE system can produce energy any time it’s needed. Nevertheless, energy storage technology can still be put to good use, capturing excess generation for later use. SEFE’s increasingly popular site highlights several interesting technologies for the storage of electricity, including the following:

• Flow Batteries – Unlike regular batteries, where all the chemicals that react to store or release energy are contained within the battery, flow batteries contain the critical chemicals separate from the reactor, allowing them to “flow” into the battery as needed. The benefit here is that problems like battery depletion, and damage from over-depletion, are avoided. Flow batteries currently offer a conversion efficiency of between 65 and 75 percent, with the potential for increased efficiency as the technology develops, and a flow battery can remain sitting without losing any of its charge. In its modern form it’s a relatively new technology and is suited to large applications.

• Flywheels – Unlike chemical batteries, flywheel energy storage uses dynamic potential energy to hold overflow energy from large scale energy generation systems. The energy is in large but carefully balanced wheels, about the size of a small car, spinning at many thousand RPM in a sealed vacuum and frictionless environment. A flywheel can almost instantaneously be tapped to release power as needed. The system efficiency of a flywheel energy storage system is around 85 percent.

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