The SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Strategy

The strategy of SEFE, a development stage company researching and commercializing a game-changing approach to the generation of clean electricity, is based upon the revolutionary nature of its proprietary technology, and the best way to use its growing list of patents to drive revenue.

SEFE has developed a remarkable way to directly capture electrical energy from the earth’s own atmosphere, energy from the air, enough to power isolated commercial or military operations far from the grid. The electricity is not generated by conversion from a mechanical or solar source, where most energy loss occurs, but is pure electricity, ready to use once transformed to A/C from D/C. The SEFE system does not involve a large ground footprint, and works in any type of weather, day or night.

As a result of their unique position, SEFE’s strategy is focused on technology development and leverage, with the following specific goals:
• Expand General Technology Capabilities
 • Leverage Patents To Create Entry Barriers
 • Optimize Electric Extraction Process
 • Scale Production Opportunities
 • Expand Margins and Grow Revenues
The company already has patents, both issued and in process, with the list rapidly expanding as they continue to explore this previously untouched field. With the U.S. and world orientation shifting more toward renewable energy sources, an attractive cost/benefit technology has significant and rapid growth potential. The fact that the SEFE system is also extremely flexible, easily adapted to small or large scale use, opens a number of markets not as available to other technologies.

Given the advantages the SEFE system has over other renewable energy approaches, there seems little chance that this proprietary technology will not play an expanding role around the world.

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