SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Announces Completion of Corona Discharge Electrostatic Motor Prototype

Today before the opening bell, SEFE reported the completion of a low-power corona discharge motor prototype at its headquarters in Boulder, Colo. Well suited for medium and high power applications, this type of electrostatic motor represents an additional avenue the R&D team is exploring for the conversion of atmospheric electricity.

“Our prototype motor serves as a low power proof of concept for this type of electrostatic motor,” stated SEFE Director of Engineering Michael Hurowitz. “We’ll be working to increase the capabilities of these motors to handle much stronger currents as we move forward.”
The corona discharge motor employs a dielectric cylinder lined on the inside with thin metallic foil. The motor is surrounded by multiple alternating polarity corona discharge terminals that spray charge onto the dielectric surface when a high voltage is applied. The grounded poles of the motor serve as a current sink. Corona discharge enables the device to handle much higher DC currents than traditional electrostatic motors.

SEFE is focused on developing and deploying promising solutions to our world’s energy problems. The company is well supported by a highly capable management team that has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in corporate management and governance. The company also consults a host of associates who are experts in fabrication and product development, FAA regulations, engineering and utility consultation, among others.

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