SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Announces the Construction of Electroplating Laboratory

SEFE, a solutions-driven company focused on developing products and technologies that improve worldwide access to basic resources, announced this morning that the construction of an in-house electroplating/polishing facility has begun at its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. The facility will be used to support iterative testing of various corona discharge air terminal configurations.

“Our plating laboratory will be used to support our air terminal development program on an ongoing basis,” stated SEFE Director of Engineering Michael Hurowitz. “After careful analysis our team has determined pursuing this process development in-house will save significant R&D capital.”
The plating laboratory will support the application of protective coatings to air terminals to reduce oxidation and corrosive effects. In addition, the team will use electropolishing techniques to do process development on air terminal corona emitters. The iterative prototyping approach will be used in conjunction with the Faraday cage facility to rapidly build and test different corona emitter configurations.

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