SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Ready to Conduct High Voltage Experiments with Newly Constructed Test Chamber

SEFE, a sustainability company engaged in offering innovative, pioneering solutions for the world’s energy needs, today announced the construction of a 12’ x 12’ x 24’ Faraday cage test facility at its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. The cage will serve as an isolated test platform for conducting high voltage experiments.

Grounded to prevent charge build-up and to protect against high voltage arcs, the cage is constructed as a wood frame wrapped with metal hardware cloth capable of shielding external electric fields from DC to 10 GHz. The team has received and is currently installing a high voltage power supply (up to 150kV), transformer, and various supporting test equipment on loan from the LECGlobal R&D laboratory.

“This equipment will be used for numerous R&D activities,” stated SEFE CEO Don Johnston. “Tests to be performed in the Faraday cage include characterization of corona discharge air terminals, ground-based electronics such as oscillator circuits and spark gaps, and simulation of the earth-field antenna up to 4500’ elevation for comparison with field tests that use balloons. Most importantly, this test facility will allow us to observe the behavior of the balloon collectors in a laboratory setting.”

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