SEFE CEO Featured in Exclusive Video Interview by MissionIR’s The Inside Track

SEFE, Inc., a Colorado company that has developed and tested a revolutionary way of drawing essentially unlimited amounts of electricity directly from the earth’s atmosphere, has a video, featuring the company’s CEO, Don Johnston, which provides a good overview of SEFE’s strategy.

Although the renewable energy industry and market is growing at tremendous speed, SEFE’s revolutionary ability to draw clean electricity directly from the air has a number of advantages over other forms of renewable energy. The footprint is small, not requiring acres of windmills or solar panels. It works anywhere in the world, in any weather conditions, at any time of the day or night, unlike solar or wind power. It is highly efficient since there is no significant conversion required, and it is scalable as needed.

Mr. Johnston explains in the video how the company sees their unique technology, designed to capture high energy static electricity from the air, as key to the company’s overall value, and Johnston emphasizes SEFE’s accomplishments in protecting this intellectual property as it continues to develop. He explains in the video how the intention of SEFE is not to manufacture but to license the technology and its great potential.

Regarding the revolutionary nature of the SEFE concept, Johnston said: “Our team is trying to do something that no one else has tried, and we’re making headway each and every month.” He went on to say that “If we’re just a little bit successful, we could have a meaningful impact on not only the United States, but the world.”

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