SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Offers Amazingly Efficient Renewable EnergyAlmost every aspect of the renewable energy industry – wind, solar, biomass, and others – revolves around electricity. Wind power generates electricity from the wind. Active solar generates electricity from sunlight. Biomass . . . well, you get the picture. One of the problems with it all is the inefficiency inherent in the generation of electricity. When you turn wind into electricity, you lose part of the energy in the process. The same is true of solar and biomass. Even hydroelectricity, the grandfather of renewables, pays a price for inefficiency. Capturing energy and then transforming it into a new form is simply not a perfect process. It’s a problem not shared with the totally new and innovative approach to energy generation being developed by SEFE, Inc., a Colorado-based renewable energy company. SEFE has come up with a brand new way to tap raw electrical energy directly from the earth’s atmosphere. This is energy that is always available. It’s energy that is already in the form of electricity, electrical energy that is readily convertible to alternating current at the necessary voltages. The concept, together with the technologies that are rapidly turning it into a working reality, are revolutionary enough to already be the subject of 22 patent filings by SEFE, 4 of which have been granted, with 18 still pending approval. Another major inefficiency comes into play with the storage of electricity, a necessity when using a system that generates electricity irregularly and independent of the need. The sun shines during the day, but part of the electricity it generates is needed at night, and the wind blows independently of electrical demand. All sorts of ways have been used to capture and hold that generated power until it is needed, but all of them lose something in the bargain. Again, SEFE has the advantage. SEFE’s remarkable system can capture electrical energy from the atmosphere any time of the day or night, in virtually any weather, and in any location. It’s as if the entire atmosphere were a giant battery, waiting to be tapped. As a result, there is less need to worry about electrical storage and all of the inefficiencies and costs that involves. That’s why the SEFE system is expected to be amazingly cost effective in its final form, beating out solar and wind. For additional information, visit the company’s websites at www.SEFElectric.comPlease see disclaimer on the MissionIR website: