SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Primed for Explosive Growth in both US and Global Energy Markets

SEFE, Inc., a true energy provider, driven by a bold vision of plugging directly into the global atmospheric electric circuit via a highly adaptable, remotely networked and proprietary technology platform, has devised an ingenious growth strategy for the US and global energy markets.

The most recent incarnateion of SEFE’s patented technology, the Harmony III commercial grade system, was designed to be robust, easy to implement and user-configurable from the start, such that the system can be deployed anywhere and generate current usable by any localized source.

Using a dynamically controlled suspended tether and electrically isolated platform, in conjunction with proprietary converter and safety weather balloon technology, the system is readily deployable and integrates seamlessly as a global network which can connect to power grids via SEFE’s patented Network Operations Center (NOC), using secure-encrypted wireless.

Recent testing under sub-optimal conditions of this easily reconfigurable platform, at mere altitudes of 200-300 feet, successfully validated the system’s performance envelope and projections.

We may have our power grid, consisting of a vast array of hardware and technological infrastructure, but nature has its own power grids and one of them is directly above us. The Company has devised an intellectual property-backed, full-spectrum platform that will allow users to connect their power grid to the power grid in the sky, drawing on the continuous flow of electricity in the atmosphere itself.

The amazing marketability of this platform is obvious for utilities, industries like mining and manufacturing, military and relief organizations, as well as a variety of other potential applications due to the adaptability of the component architecture design.

With a system that statistically crushes nuclear (79% savings) and alternative energy like wind (57% savings) on cost, which is also easy to deploy and maintain, generating no significant carbon footprint, SEFE stands poised to offer a technology that can not only address state policy requirements on energy providers for renewable energy, but also turn a nice profit.

One of the biggest energy markets in the US, California, has set a 33% renewable power target by 2030, creating an ideal opportunity for SEFE, especially when one considers the overall receptivity to emergent technology and energy innovation, for which CA has become known.

A $33B domestic market for renewable energy inputs, projected to grow by 11% this year alone (Datamonitor Market Research Profiles), is squaring off with massive increases in demand for energy across the board and mounting limitations on oil/gas production.

The Company has assembled a team tasked with domestic proliferation and a goal to roll out 200 SEFE units (the load capacity of one NOC configuration) nationwide within 48 months.

The global impact of this technology would be immense and impossible to quantify; it works anywhere and taps into an essentially continuous supply of raw energy. SEFE realizes the market potential in China, India, Australia and the EU, and is currently pursuing strategic partnerships.

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