SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Makes Harvesting of Atmospheric Electricity a Reality

SEFE, Inc. has devised a system based on proprietary components for harvesting electricity directly out of the atmosphere.

The system is essentially comprised of:

• A weather balloon or blimp with self-deflating safety abilities and a dynamically controlled tethering system to adjust height and thus maximize the capture rate
• A patent pending power converter that is able to translate the current to alternating current suitable to any specific need
• Patent pending method for connecting to the power grid and for remotely managing the entire system via SEFE’s Network Operations Center (NOC)

With the Harmony III commercial grade system, SEFE has demonstrated a platform which is able to capture and translate electrical current from the atmosphere, offering a robust and eminently more cost effective solution than fossil fuels or alternative energy sources.

The system is a quantum leap beyond anything in the traditional or alternative generation markets and because it safely plugs into the endless renewable sea of energy just above our heads, completely without any secondary means required for production, the system represents a new way forward that can function almost anywhere on earth.

This is not alternative energy; this is a paradigm shift to using the existing global atmospheric electric circuit that is continually charged by energetic particles and doing so in such a way that benefits from the increase in electrical conductivity with altitude. This is also not a low carbon footprint alternative method based on unreliable inputs and variable outputs either, this is a virtually no carbon footprint, continual source of energy accessible to all.

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