Servant, I would agree that PTQ should eventually get to mid tier producer, barring unforeseen problems or a takeover, but I don't see that happening before a calendar time of most likely late 2015-2016 depending on how much gold production they can get out of Spain by that time, but they can't make the leap to mid tier status until Spain is adding probably 40-50K oz. to the mix.

Mid tier producers do 200K oz. annually and PTQ won't even do 100K oz. this fiscal year, so they still have a way to go. I expect them to produce probably between 110 - 120K oz. for fiscal 2014.  That means they get out from under the DB deals and start getting some decent production out of the heap leach and of course the new ball mill adds, according to management, 30% more production.

Finding more gold resources will be important for the future, but IMO they can't make mid tier numbers until the Europeans mines add to their totals.