Code3guy, I have to pass here.

I know that PTQ voted in their pill a long time before in anticipation that someday someone might make an HT. The application was then put before the BCSC after Inmet tried, and ultimately it was waved as moot by PTQ. The action by TSX to "defer" Inmet's plan seems as though it has been shot coming out of the gate. I do not know if that is true, or exactly what the ramifications are. How can something remain effective as Inmet states, if it si deferred by the regulatory authority? Seems as though this would expose them to the HT and probably was a win for Quantum, but I am not sure. It must have some effect since Inmet is forced to announce it. Looks like their attorneys are still cutting and pasting from our public record! LOL!!!

Hey! Maybe we can join the bidding war...just need to line up the financing, since we are already there and have the expertise!!! The Chinese would gladly help us, they are already going to take our copper out by boat after it is trucked to Panama City.  LOL!!! Tilk does not seem to be doing well, but perhaps I don't understand.