Did everyone do their assigned homework and DD? Do you know who is who, and what they think about our future? The results today will probably affect Petaquilla's and Cobre Panama's future more than anything else that will happen this year!! The course will be set until 2019! For me it is ironic that what I view as the best, is also high up in Morgan & Morgan that represented Inmet. However, they did a fine job, just had a lousy client and losing cases. In any case, anyone who can read the tea leaves, will know a lot about the future of Petaquilla by mid-night tonight...so now we must stand aside and let Panamanians actually decide our future. One extreme is to shut us down permanently and the other to support us everyway possible, and everything else in the middle, one side to the other, from the other seven. Praying for the Morgan & Morgan guy!!!