I assume you are talking about the IH I-Box. He are just a couple of suggestions:

1. The first narative paragraph about production needs to be updated.

2. The new multi-colored schematic map you were kind enough to put up is impossible to read.

3. The old History, Benchmarks, Timelines section could be up dated.

4. The old, old, old Blue bar headed projections from the original presentation could be taken down. They are inaccurate, outdated,  don't reflect current status or projections, and might confuse a newcomer.

5. It would be nice if we had some pictures of Penonome facilities included, along with some of the buildings on the hill to the left as you enter Molejon. Helipad, reception building, etc.

Anyway, those are just some things that came to mind so I thought I should respond to your inquiry.

Finally, it is raining a little....