Goldpet, you are absolutely right, the big events are still to come.  I am not impatient or frustrated because we did not get our reward this week.  And I am not worried because manipulation has its limits when the real value becomes clear.


I was simply making an observation which gives somes clues about the tactics being used.  The news was positive (not mixed), and it generated substantial buying interest.  Normally this would have pushed up the price a few notches, but sellers came out of the woodwork to meet the buyers.  Sellers who had no interest in selling at a higher price a few days earlier, before the good news, so they are not profit takers.  And it's not like the stock had been rising on rumours before the news, which can sometimes lead to a letdown when the news comes out.  Somebody is quite simply spending money to slow down the price rise - which will be their loss in the long run.