I recall you mentioning recently your "efficient market" hypothesis, so here is a story for you.  A coin dealer I know, on a whim, stuck a brand new ordinary $20 bill in one of his display cases and put a $17 sticker on it.  It sat there for over 3 months.  HUNDREDS of investors looking for bargains in paper money looked at it, but no one even asked about buying it.  Finally, the UPS driver asked if he was really selling a $20 bill for $17, and he bought it. 

The ones who should have known value-paper money was, after all, their area of expertis-never realized what they were looking at.  It took an outsider to know what he saw.

There is no such thing as an efficient market.  Almost everything is either underpriced or overpriced to some degree. 

I have watched several of your recent posts.  If I was as negative as you about this company I would have been gone a long time ago.  It appears that you are short, your protests notwithstanding.