Once again you're not seeing the real picture.  It's hard to transition from explorer to mid tier producer and PTQ is almost there.  In your comments what you are forgetting is that a strong PTQ present real risks for Inmet.  Any discoveries made on Inmets land in in Panama that have gold value than copper automaically belong to PTQ. PTQ controls land the need for their processing facilities and if a crazy gold price run ever happened their primary copper resources could be at risk as a result of their gold content, this last part is a very long shot, but not something you want hanging over your head if you are Inmet.  Tactically its in Inmets best interest for PTQ to flounder given that theyve already created animosity with PTQ with prior moves, the challenge for Inmet is how do you deal with PTQ without driving up its value and helping it.  It seems to me that the management of PTQ are up to the challenge and if we give them enough time they will do great things for us.

I have to question what your position is in this stock, since your claim that you made great money early and now only hold a token position does not really match the nature of your posts.