(1).Look at the ore piled that has not been capitalized. (2).The $20,000,000.00 of the ore has been mined and all costs absorbed as incurred and is in the capitalized pile, (Note: 5.).  This is ore that is not current although capitalized. You really need to take a trip out to the mine so you can see what is there for yourself. There is very little cost associated with loading the feeders if you wish to add that later. The point is the gold is piled there; there will be little cost added to process it as opposed to gold that has to be yet mined and carried to the plant. In any case your point does not that big an impact on what is happening either way you want to look at it. The point is that our total costs for our entire operation are 28% less than the industry average and at $524.00oz. our margin is about $1,200.00oz. and that is about 37% above the industry average for the first six months of 2012  overall operation. Another way to look at it...if we had costs even at the average of the industry it would have cost us about $12,000,000.00 more to produce our first six month's production. This is a much more profitable situation than about 75% of the industry if you just look at the Bell Curve.

How that would impact our share price I have no idea. I just know we are a lot more profitable than the average bear....and our fundamentals are great.