This week, the BCSC issued its explanation for removing PTQ's poison pill in regards to Inmet's HT.  The reason for removing was that there was no other bidder for PTQ and no discussion in progress, so based on legal precedent, it went to us for a vote.  During the HT, PTQ stated that it was in discussions with other potential bidders.  I don't know if that was true but if it was true, the other potential bidders didn't think it was worth exceeding Inmet's last offer of 65 cents and Inmet obviously didn't think we were worth more than 65 cents even with need for dumping rights on our concessions.  Everybody has been talking about other bidders - there are no other bidders.  As of the end of the last quarter, we had accounts payable 5 times greater than cash on hand - we're broke.   Nobody's going to bid much for us until production increases substantially and we pay off our short term debt.