I think you are right. Inmet's shares did not bounce near as well as Petaquilla's, but it is early. Some analyst was claiming they would get $90.00/share eventually. I would not hold my breath. I have a friend who held some Inmet shares, but he bailed out back in March 2011, I believe, when they we at $75.00 and we could see they were in serious trouble in Panama, and their other properities did not have too much life. If they lose in Panama they are all done. Jumping around sounds attractive, but when you realize the risk, the tax implications, and the difficulty moving large volumes of shares...I think it is better to just do a lot of DD, pick a horse and stay for the whole ride.

Have a good weekend... Q3 STARTS TOMORROW AND WE ARE AT A RATE OF 8,000OZ./MO.!!!