If you care to check into the history of PTQ, this has always been a controversial one. I do recall

headlines in the Panama Press show that PTQ got convicted for environmental infraction

for a million bucks. I am not aware how they settled this one -- here they come to put value

on their construction division when they were not even able to design/construct proper tailings

facilities where they cyanides ended up in local potable water supply sources. --

The CEO in the BNN, granted, did a very good job; however more important are those

people who did not (dare to) show in the interview. If my info is correct, one of the backers

has the distinction of a  dope conviction -   No doubt Inment wants to take up the PTQ  shop

to start better relations with the natives; likely some of the PTQ ground may find good use

for tailings etc 

What prompts my posting here is that  PTQ now try to  smelling like roses; do

an in depth search on PTQ before you serisously consider this stock. The Bananamaprepublic

blog did in the past deal at length with despicable business practices at PTQ - you may find some interesting

info there; if anyone has been a.r.rogant here, it was PTQ as they treated the locals who objected

water contamination..  give me a break PTQ