I'm not sure if the Street understands yet that V.PP is really a real estate play - in the sense that "you always want to own the cheapest property on the most popular street."


My analysis says the situation Pacific Potash is in is a smaller version of how Entree Gold found themselves when they were adjacent to Robert Friendland's Ivanhoe Mines asset, Oyu Tolgoi. Pacific Potash is contiguous to Forbes and Manhattan's (ie. Stan Bharti's) Brazil Potash, which will have a $500 million to $1 billion valuation once it gets listed on Brazil’s BM&FBOVESPA Exchange in Q1 2013.


The V.PP Property is huge - i.e. as big as both Petrobras' and Brazil Potash's. It is a 50 km by 30 km property that is over 2 million acres  (800,000 hectares or 3000 square miles). And note: It is early days here, as V.PP got this Amazonas Basin property a short while ago and only signed their geo, Pekeski, on August 31st of this year.


I see V.PP as just having to do their 43-101, make their property payments (they have the money on hand - i.e. pre-PP, to do this), do their initial drilling and just keep their nose clean. Meanwhile, Brazil Potash will do their 43-101, drilling and huge IPO, etc. and Cowley will do their 43-101, drilling and money-raising, etc. 


The rewards of this "real estate play" should be quite rewarding.

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