I anticipate a share price correction also - that's why I'm here.  :) 

It's a 5-10 bagger from here , which is much like one other little zinc/silver play that that I own and will go unnamed.  Either of them actually come to fruition and I'll ride off into the sunest, lol with my Holbrook sunglasses on.  I've stil got a spare set to give away. hmm wonder what we should wager on? 

buy-out price per acre?   lets see 4300 per acre  ( Karlsson lands price), 91,000 ( or so )acres , divided by 200 milion shares.. carry the one...add the plus factor for contigous lands, PEA in hand, agreement with Hopi, access to railway... that's about $2.00 per share isnt it?


If it were to come to fruition, I'll buy a pair of Holbrooks for anyone who shows up at the diner in Holbrook the week after buy-out.  It will be easy to pick me out...  I'll be the guy wearing a viking hat, with a sack of ferrets over my shoulder, and the camel I rode in on tied up out front!  I'll let you figure out why the ferrets, viking helmet and camel.