Hello everyone, hope everyone had a good Christmas.Hope everyone will have also a good New Year. Maybe, as our PEA is coming out soon. Sold 20k of my PPI , went to the tropics for a month with my family and enjoyed it.  Did not check my computer for a month as I have all the confidence with Salisbury and you guys, all the longs.When I first invested here in PPI, my biggest fear is oil contamination. From yellow's post my fear is gone now as the oil depth in holbrook is way deeper than our shallow potash. So let's go onwards to the new year hoping our PEA is good, and get a good lift in our share price. Fence sitter get in now before we take off.  Otherwise, I will have to tell my family I did not lose it all investing in potash as they had used part of the money in our vacation. LOL. Also, after we dig our potash, we might be digging for oil too. Well we will leave it for Hunt Oil to dig. Cheers.