Gold you say?  Well this is pink gold, but if you want a scoop on a little mining company that just got a 20 year mining permit, and met all other requirements to begin operations.  Located in the Saint-Simon placer range.

Check out UBR.v  I`ve been playing this one now for 4 years, the news is from this morning.  Lots of gold there, historically mined.  This week should be shooting up a few cents, in the past month it rose from .03 to a .08 today, IMHO this could rise to .10 to .15 by weeks end.

Even if you dont buy, check out the story on this place, and watch the price tick +.  The largest gold nuggets in history were pulled from the beauce placer area. 

The original permit they asked for was to gross sample a couple thousand tons of rock.  The Quebec Governement "gave" them a go ahead for the next 20 years to mine the area, respecting the 3 conditions, basically the surveying-(done), the geological work-(done) and the end mine plan- (done, securing 98000$).

This will be the next mine in operation. 

Now you guys know I`m no basher or pumper, I`ve been with PPI long enough.  And PPI is coming in as well, my shares are well secured.  But just for curiousity`s sake, or drop a grand for a dozen K`s of shares.  I have done my DD on this one, and you should too.  If you like exciting stories and growing companies, this is it.

feel free to email me.  And Gold luck to all !!!!   ( and pink gold too!)