Thanks for the TA mediascan.  Muchly appreciated!

Nice little update today from management.  Not the one that explains how we are to drill our potash property but giving market an idea how much feasible potash may be underlying PPI's land claims.  The one thing that really drew my attention to PPI when I first started to do DD on PPI was the fact that the basin had been drilled in the past.  In the 1960's, 130 some holes were drilled into the basin looking for oil and gas. All they found was a contunous potash horizon at shallow depths.  1960's potash prices did not warrant and further exploartion in the basin. Now that potash prices have changed dramatically since the 60's and the world needs potash to meet expanding world food demand, the Holrbook basin is worth Billions of dollars.  PPI  not drilling blind is huge to me when I look into a company.  How many times have you been invested in a blind drill program praying for the home run.  PPI has no risk with the upcoming drill program.  They know what is there from historical drill data and they confirmed the results last year with the 2009 drill program.  I honestly thought we would have seen an update from management by now as to how they plan to drill the upcoming TRB drill program.  Judging by the steady flow of news recently I would expect they are working as hard and fast as possible to get this news to market.  The new management team aslo took a fair portion of the last PP so they have some good reasons to get the drills turning.  Not sure who but one of the bashers was saying this was a pump and dump for management to profit off the PP paper. Last time I checked on the PP there was a four month hold on the paper. Like most PP's so i am not sure where that idea came from. I admit myself i can get very excited sometimes and can sound like i might be pumping,  We all get excited when we have done extensive DD and our stock  pick is doing very well.  Its human nature to get exicted.  I have been saying all a long PPI is sitting on Billions of dollars worth of Potash.  Thats the truth!!!  And I have not been able to find another potash play in the market that has as much potash as PPI with as low of a market cap.  Thats why i feel PPI has so much upside potenial once the drills turn and the desposit is proven to todays 43-101 standards.  Until the drill program plan comes to market all we can do is speculativly invest and wait patiently.   Got to say good work to the new management to be able to secure so much land in the basin.  Hope you have a great game plan in store for us shareholders!

patiently waiting