Does anyone know if Brixton Energy has repaid the ERCB for the forced abandonment of the two wells?

There was an abandonment order issued from the ERCB regarding Wells 06-15-082-03W6 &  10-15-082-03W6. Brixton did not comply so the ERCB stepped in and abandoned the wells with the notion that Brixton would be responsible for all costs pertaining to the forced abandonment. Brixton confirmed the completion of the forced abandonment by the ERCB in a company press release dated December 22, 2011.

Also there were some compliance issues that needed to be completed by Brixton from the ERCB...does anyone have any updates on the status of these?

I would imagine that they would have to repay the amount in full and complete the compliance issues before they could do any further work in Alberta….can anyone fill me in on this?

I did not see any further news releases on this from the company regarding the repayment being completed or the completion of the com[pliance issues. So where does that leave us…I saw a recent press release about hiring and signing a contract with Canadian petroleum engineering for drilling and completion but wouldn’t they need to repay the ERCB the money that they are out before anything? Perhaps Brixton should focus on that issue first.