Round and round we go…this company has a worse pattern that a tacky Christmas shirt!!!

To put it in perspective for you…if Brixton Energy were to fill the full amount of the proposed shares for debt this would add another 24 million shares and an additional 24 million is the stock ever gets above
.10 (and the warrants get exercised) which would be quite difficult because most of the stock that people will own will be at
.05 and under…and let’s not forget that they want to raise 500k also at
.05 if they manage to fill that we’re looking an additional 10Million shares (+an additionay 10 Million shares if the warrants everget excercised)….does anyone else think this is a good business move with NO revenue?!?

@beenaround…how is your friend feeling now? Better yet…do you still think that this stock is going up?

@RS Geeeze...couldn't you have at least waited until the afternoon to bury the bad news?!?