There are no fissures or streams anywhere on the property. They would test where the copper is. There would be no point testing elsewhere. Half of the deposit is located on state land while the other half is located on private land.  Most of that private land (1400 acres) will not be mined.  The environmental safety from the test will suffice for the entire project. They just count fluid volume. They actually will get more than 100% fluid back. Perimeter wells around the injection well monitor all fluid levels.  After the fluid is recovered it goes through another process to extract the copper. Yes there are tailing ponds that involve drying. I would not live in Florence - major and his buddies run it. Prison town. Better off to go to Scottsdale or just north of Scotsdale. Nothing in Florence - you have to drive 40 minutes to buy anything - unless you're visiting a family convict.  

Fluff all of these answers are available on the PEA or initial public offering or on  website or look up/google  insitucopper mining.