Sean Roosen should put this headline on the bumper on his car.  I would have typed it in French but don`t know any.   Nice boost to Seanès compensation....for 2012, he will make well over $1 million...for what...for driving the OSK stock price down 60%...that is for what.  The rest of management and board will also pay themselves handsomely too!   There is not enough pay for performance...that is if sharholders do not benefit, why should the board and management....  Credibility is at stake especially with a stock now trading under $ is still over $1,600 an oz...cannot blame the price of gold.   Cannot blame the politcial situation, at least not yet as you never know...the company is operating in Quebec....opps, that is it....the company operates in Quebec and that is why it is a dog...Gee, why did I not think of that before.   Meanwhile, as the board and management continue to suck in excess fo $10 million a year without delivering, why even have shares outstanding...oh yes, you need suckers...I mean shareholders to suck their money.   Shareholders can only wish for someone to come and buy OSK, put management and board out of the business of sucking shareholder money....I hope it is soon!.