Price target values means ZIP as I told you before the market will determine the price plus a premium. I'll bet there will be another downgrade in the future. The market has been telling you all along what it is currently worth and it hasn't been pretty. Markets are ruthless these days. Take RIM now T.BB the Blackberry people. It generated $685,000,000 in net revenue last year but was dumped like it had the plague because it did not meet sales expectations.

We will have an earlier start to sell in May this year imo and I saw the January TSX trading stats. Volume was was down compared to last January = reduced volatility in s/p and most likely an earlier start to the sell in May period as we head to the summer doldrums. Just in time for the Sprott shares .75 become eligible for sale.  Let's see what February volume is like to confirm a trend.    


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