Nice post GF.  I do not own any TGZ but I probably will if they merger with OLE.  Too many synergies and they will be able to bypass so many expenses that it just makes too much sense. In a way it seems too obvious which is kind of scary. 

Will it be TGZ, Randgold (GOLD), EDV, IAG...ect....?  If a major or mid tier buys them both, it could be one before the other if rumours are corect that TGZ and OLE do not get along. They might want to negotiate their own seperate deals.  No matter the buyer, I am still sticking to my $1.25 to $1.75 range for OLE in the near future. 

GF says feas study may be out as late as Jan so this might not get done until then.  I know that OLE wants this out before a deal gets done meaning that it should be pretty good.  Max pain here I believe should be Feb 2013 which is the end of OLE's fiscal year and when their $ should be just about out.

Thanks for my rating on my previous post.