I don't know if the judge will interpret the clause "somebody" as part of the determination, as one bible  states it as a unkown quantity or unspecified. Its use in some agreements can be considered as vague. i.e. not wanting to be known as anything. I feel the judgement would be ruled on what was the main purpose of the agreement. As someone said we don't know whats in the full agreement. I think  mercator needs to have voting control of the recent share financing in order to not lose control of the company. I don't have any knowledge about that comment as this is just my opinion. I have great respect for all the people that may be involved here. The comment from someone that they drink with his dad probably should not be taken out of context. My money is on ml shares as they have a much higher potential percentage on return compared to ncu no matter how much I respect the pepole in ncu or who wins the court battle. I think ncu will win in the long run.  no matter who is right lets all hope for some profit.