I am looking at mercator trading at .40. I have no concerns for people who are stuck  with shares at a higher price. Look at what is happening right now and then make your decisions.  This is where you learn patience from this point of the game. $12.00 -$13.00 share price is history. I would never dream of this share price for this outfit again even if we come to the top of a commodity boom like in 2008. I.m hoping for a takeover of mercator maybe you only make a 100% but I look for more but who am I. I don't have the capacity to move markets and I don't think many of you do either. but give us some constructive ideas and the old saying goes "don't always shoot the messenger" To me it  looks like there is a power struggle going on to get control of mercator and the way I see the outcome right now is mercator has lost control and no one takes prisoners in these game

Enough said