Thanks for your posts. I left the front lines of the BATTLEFIELD (up ++  $0.30), to return to this. I had seen the 25 Oct NR, and heard some suspects were in custody. Apparently, there are some new permitting procedures with the new gov't in power. I expected some issues here to slow us down. JV-is in permitting process. Not something this extreme.

EXCELLON (EXN.TO)-just went thru another version of this. Excellon had to halt production, and of course, the shares were hit. They got on top of their nightmare and are now in the process of rebuilding.

Couple of quick points:

*Surprised in Mexico as coffintrader stated. Mexico is bound by NAFTA, and to its credit, the ICC-hearing (JV) was in Mexico City, and MAG-prevailed on Fresnillo's home court. Also surprised that 2-of Megaw's babies have been targeted. Big assets; BIG targets as power struggles intensify.

*Megaw just stated in an interview what a great place to explore / mine, Mexico is.

*We have a very smart, connected, powerful board.

Time to earn their money.

Grief no one needs.