You seem to be saying that we are forming the right side of a smaller cup with the top right being about 4.98 and then a handle and then a breakout (in the best case).

I, on the other hand, boldly and stubbornly hold to the ancient WOK WITHIN A WOK formation which argues that we ALREADY formed the right side of the lowest WOK (look at that two year chart again!)....and currently we are at the end of the handle which then should break through 4.98 and move closer to 8.  (ok, so I think you are probably right but hey...might as well have some fun!)

SO...if the WOK WITHIN A WOK formation holds we are in for MULTIPLE WOK PATTERN COMPLETIONS (MWPC) until finally we will exceed all time highs around late 2015 or mid 2016.

Let's see who has this pegged....and the award?  KING OR QUEEN OF THE WORLD   (the llen world that is)

Of course, for fairness, if LLEN fails to complete either pattern we would be forced to give due to the two U's in which case I will be going to bed for life!

Good luck!