I hope all those posters who also read the Yahoo board join me in an effort to get rid of the U's and their ongoing half truth statements as well as their posts designed to ridicule and instill fear.  HERE IS WHAT TO DO:


First, find my post that begins with "U's all of them" and click "like" and/or reply that you will join this week long effort.  Second, (and here is the important part) click "REPORT AS ABUSE" EVERY post.....EVERY post they write.  This will cause Yahoo to look into this while if enough of us do this they probably would boot the one or two U's rather than the rest of us.....especially if they read the taunting nature of their posts!

I am not leaving this board...it is just that such behavior can no longer be tolerated, at least by me.  I hope you join if you too like to read the yahoo boards.