We are going to go higher....housing prices here, fed still active, etc., point to a stronger economy that we thought three months ago......european central bank also points to more support for these economies refire going forward more goods will be needed and china will also begin to refire.  PLUS...on top of the improving macro situation, LLEN is getting closer day by day to a series of  "hopefully" good news.  We should move up in anticipation of this, slowly.....and as each PR unfolds and it becomes clearer that LLEN is real...that they are growing, and that the macro situation will underpin the company for years and years and would think we would at least double from here in a year....and perhaps even double again two years after that.   YOU, my friend, originally pointed out that double bottom spike of several months ago while we were in the eternal BAR flatline bottom!  Now it is time for the right side to be fully seen.


Good luck in your other stocks...I hope they do G R E A T!