The PEA report has been published on Sedar on 24 May 2013 (and will be probably incorporated in Lumina’s site in the coming days).

The following topics drawn my attention, since they could potentially delay the current “Strategic review process”:

  • Waste rock storage facilities are “contemplated to be constructed atop the Salar de Arizaro near the open pit” (Page 126 – Point 16.4) – This could raise some environmental concerns, at one point in time.
  • The environmental permit “to operate and develop the Project” has been prepared and “the overall permitting timeframe is expected to take 12-18 months” (Page 29 – Point 4.3) – This topic is therefore not yet solved!
  • Water supply remains a major concern! (Page 175 – Point b)

The Report also recommends a supplementary investment of around 5 Mio USD for additional drillings in 10 locations to explore potential expansions of pit mineralization and update the resources (Pages 12-13).

The Prefeasibility is estimated to cost 10.4 Mio USD (including the proposed Environmental permitting and the additional hydrogeological field investigations) and also incoporates the cost of some "opportunities" (Page 209 – Point 25.2.2)

I wonder how those topics will be “contemplated” by the interested majors…

For those interested by the implications of this PEA for Casadero (for speculators only!), please refer to “LCC PEA = CCD Revival?” on CCD Board.