let me say this clear : i am no like so many guys telling lies.

Just call David Strang and ask him if he was in Antwerp Belgium last month. jUST DO IT !!

What really frustrates me now, is that i do my best for telling true stuff to this board, and i get  such reaction.

So David was in Belgium last month, he had a meeting with some institutionals and analyst (= friend of me).

He was really sorry that  the PEA was not out yet, the company has been too optimitisc about the finish of it. HE told that it would be finished end of March. Then it takes at least a week to review and discuss the PEA in the company before publishing it.

Four Chinese companies will visit the site next month MAY, he thinks that a Chinese Company will buy the company, because they have money and are longterm-thinker.. Selling price will probably between 15-20$.

This was my last post now, i see that i am not respected for the HONEST things i write.

Clinic, go call David, dont forget ..................