When Strang published the comment, that it is was not worth expanding the resource, a few days later the JV with Salta was announced. LCC has never mentioned CCD. Not once. They have mentioned the JV only once in a document that I can remember but never in a press release.

Most LCC shareholders have never heard of CCD. The only reason that the people on this bulletin board have heard of it is because I told them.

If you think that a miserly 1.5 cents per pound of copper is a fair price for LCC. I already know that the two JV'd claims are going to double LCC's resource. Then a fair price per LCC share is $20. If you think that the underground copper that Lumina has should be valued the same as the underground copper that's less than 120 miles away. Then you should be chasing more than $100 per share.

LCC is currently hovering at around 10 dollars per share. CCD is currently at 10 cents per share. When the exploration results are announced and LCC moves towards 20 dollars per share that is the cue for CCD to move to $1.30 per share.

If you don't believe me. Then take a good look at the volume of CCD over the last five years. Then take a good look at the volume of CCD since the JV was announced. That volume speaks volumes.

Then do the math. When the price of LCC doubles because its resource doubles. You will know that CCD will have a proved up resource roughly one eighth the size of LCC's.

The shareprice of CCD currently values undergound copper (or equivalent) at around one tenth of a cent per pound. I keep telling you all to wake up.



I told you months before the JV that it was going to happen. You only took notice when the JV happened. Now I'm telling you when CCD is at 10 cents per share, that it will go to $1.30 per share because Lumina is about to double its resource on those two JV'd claims. You will only take notice when the exploration results are announced. Like I've said before. You are more than welcome to pay $1.30 per share for CCD. But you have a choice. You can buy it at 10 cents per share. I know which I'd rather do and I already have.