Not feasibility study -> the exploration results. JV is with Salta not Cascadero. Salta is 50 per cent owned by Cascadero.

The two JV'd claims will double Lumina's current resource. Do you really think that Lumina's share price is not going to double when the exploration results reveal that? Is 0.75 cents per pound of underground copper an acceptable price?

The price of Lumina stock will double. The technical chart already shows that the Lumina shareprice has been pushed down as far as it will go and it is ready to spring when the exploration results are announced. The alternative is that a perfect head-and-shoulders pattern is concluding and that underground copper in Argentina is worth less than 0.5 cents per pound. When that same copper is worth multiple times more less than 120 miles away in Chile.

1.5 cents per pound of copper is already way too cheap.

What a suitor will pay is a different issue. But obviously they will want to pay as little as they can get away with. Cue the shareholders. If the shareholders wise up Lumina won't get given away. If the shareholders continue to think that 1.5 cents per pound is acceptable then that's what they are going to get.

As far as Cascadero Copper is concerned its current shareprice is valuing underground copper at around 0.10 cents per pound. Yes, you heard that correctly. You can buy underground copper for one tenth of one cent. The only catch is that before the exploration results are published the market won't know it. Is that a catch? Or is that an advantage? Either way we'll know soon enough.